APS Packaging Expands Team & Officially Opens New Office


SANTA ROSA, October 2nd, 2018 — APS Packaging, a cutting-edge bottling, packaging and robotics solutions provider, announces the addition of three new employees, as well as the opening of its new North America office.

The expansion adds a mix of experience and expertise to the APS Packaging roster with the hiring of a new Business Development Director, Dan Bock, a new Office Manager, Rosalinda Soto and Domenico Ginosa, a new Technical Director for APS Technical Services providing installation and after-sales service to all APS Packaging customers.

Dan has 20 years of sales and marketing experience, 10 plus years of which are specific to the Napa Valley. He has extensive knowledge ranging within the realm of hospitality, direct sales of rare and fine wine, to the packaging of wine and spirits. In addition, he has successfully achieved his Level 2 WSET certification and has a passion for the wine and spirits industry.

Rosalinda who came from Kendall Jackson winery also brings with her a number of years of service and administrative experience in the beverage and hospitality industries.

Domenica Ginosa, spent 5 years in Australia as a Project Manager for a bottling and packaging engineering and distribution company and then 2 years in APS Packaging Italy. He has extensive knowledge of bottling lines and packaging machinery, outside of APS Packaging, and will be invaluable for any integration of existing equipment into a new complete line.

In addition to adding new team members, APS Packaging has officially moved into their new office, located at 2224 Northpoint Parkway in Santa Rosa. The office hosts the Sales and Administrative team, with a warehouse area for parts and service and will provide APS Packaging with a place to expand their product offering to serve additional market segments and fulfill even more orders in an efficient manner.

With the number of active wineries in the US growing to 9,654 in 2018, up 6%* on the previous year and active craft distillers growing by 15.5% over the previous year to 1,835,** combined with a shrinking labor pool and higher wages have many within the wine and spirits industry looking to automate and better manage their line. “APS Packaging specializes in automation and integration and so is a new business that is already making an impact in the North American packaging market,” said Alberto Migliardi, CEO. “With the current pace of growth within these markets, we needed to take action, to add the right people to elevate and enhance our business, deliver the right amount of support and give our clients the best possible experience.”

About APS: Founded in 2016, APS Packaging is the dynamic American arm of APS Packaging, an Italian based company specializing in bottling, packaging and robotic solutions for the wine, spirits and beverage industries. They provide engineering, integration, automation and turn key projects and have shown a true commitment to the US market by creating a separate manufacturing unit in their 120,000 sf plant in Canelli, Italy, to ensure any equipment destined for the US complies with all US codes and standards.

For more information contact APS Packaging at 707-757-7725 or visit us online at aps-pack.com!

**The data comes www.statista.com. Total number of wineries in the United States from 2009 to 2018.
**The data comes from The Craft Spirits Data Project, a study led in conjunction with the American Craft Spirits Association (ACSA), the International Wine and Spirits Research (IWSR) and advisory services consultancy Park Street.